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Douglas Greenberg reflects on world’s best-rated scuba diving destinations

Douglas Greenberg reflects on world’s best-rated scuba diving destinations


Douglas Greenberg reflects on world's best-rated scuba diving destinationsFormer Morgan Stanley broker Douglas Greenberg considers the world’s top-rated scuba diving destinations according to the 2019 Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Awards.


Voted for by the magazine’s readers and announced annually, Scuba Diving Magazine has recently revealed its best-rated scuba diving destinations from across the globe for 2019. Here, former Morgan Stanley broker Douglas Greenberg considers the results and reflects on his own love of scuba diving and snorkeling.


“For this year’s vote, more than 5,000 divers took part in the Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Awards,” reveals Greenberg, who’s based in Lake Oswego, close to Portland, Oregon, “making selections across a number of categories tailored toward advanced diving, wreck diving, shore diving, and more.”


Thousands of subscribers and online users rated their experiences at dive destinations across the globe in a variety of diving classifications. Final scores consist of an average of the numerical scores awarded, with a minimum number of responses required for a destination to be included in the ratings, according to the magazine’s publishers.


“Mexico topped the board for the best overall diving destination in the Caribbean and Atlantic,” reveals Greenberg, “while Hawaii topped the Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea vote.”


In the U.S. and Canada, it was the Florida Keys which came out on top of the best overall diving destination vote.


Magazine subscribers and web users also voted on wreck diving specifically, with the British Virgin Islands, Truk Lagoon, and the Great Lakes region coming out on top in their respective geographical locations. “For shore diving, Bonaire, Hawaii, and Florida topped the charts,” adds Greenberg, “while for animal life, it was the Bahamas, Galapagos, and Florida, again, which received the most votes overall.”


The top three destinations for advanced diving, meanwhile, across the Caribbean and Atlantic, the Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea, and the U.S. and Canada were revealed to be the Cayman Islands, Galapagos, and Florida. The same result, voting this time for beginner diving destinations, saw the Bay Islands, Hawaii, and Florida Keys top the charts.


“I’ve traveled all over the world,” says Greenberg, “and both scuba diving and snorkeling are among my favorite activities, especially when visiting somewhere new.”


“Given the opportunity,” he adds, wrapping up, “I would urge anyone interested in scuba diving to visit one of these most highly rated destinations and give it a go themselves.”


In addition to traveling and scuba diving across the globe, former Morgan Stanley broker Douglas Greenberg’s other passions include skiinghiking, boating, and wine tasting. Owner of a chocolate-colored curly-coated retriever, father of two Greenberg also maintains an interest in investments, alternative investments, and asset allocation, as well as supporting and volunteering for a number of local, regional, national, and international charities and good causes.

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